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9 Famous Quotes About Rocket Science and the Outer Space Launch Attempts

Rocket - Rocketry

What is rocketry? It is a branch of science that performs a study of, examination with, or use of rockets. It studies everything related to design, construction, launching and operation of rockets.

Quotations said about Rocketry

“What is pride? A rocket that emulates the stars.”

– William Wordsworth

“This is the team. We’re trying to go to the moon. If you can’t put someone up, please don’t put them down.”


“Being a rocket scientist isn’t all that smart when you could work in finance.”

― A.D. Aliwat, Alpha


“When you launch in a rocket, you’re not really flying that rocket. You’re just sort of hanging on.”

– Michael P. Anderson

“The deeper the journey into inner space, the further the possibilities in outer space.”

― Curtis Tyrone Jones

“My vision is for a fully reusable rocket transport system between Earth and Mars that is able to re-fuel on Mars – this is very important – so you don’t have to carry the return fuel when you go there.”

– Elon Musk


“Rocket science is tough, and rockets have a way of failing.”

– Sally Ride

“Eventually we’re going to go to Mars, and I firmly believe the first person that sets foot on Mars will get there on a Boeing rocket.”

– Dennis Muilenburg


“Rocket science has been mythologized all out of proportion to its true difficulty.“

– John Carmack


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