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James Lance Bass is a singer, choreographer, actor, and film and television producer from the United States. He was born in Mississippi and rose to prominence as a singer for NSYNC, an American boy band. Bass has worked in film and television as a result of NSYNC’s fame.

When Bass was eight years old, his grandfather took him to observe his first rocket launch, and he fell in love with space. After that, Bass went to space camp and wanted to study space engineering to become an astronaut. Unfortunately, life happens when you’re too preoccupied with making plans. As a result, he became a well-known pop star.

Bass achieved cosmonaut certification after several months of training and then proceeded to Houston’s Johnson Space Center (JSC) for astronaut training. On October 30, 2002, he was supposed to launch into orbit on the Soyuz TMA-1 mission. Bass was rejected from the program, and Russian cosmonauts Yury Lonchakov, Sergei Zalyotin, and Belgian Frank De Winne took his position on the flight. Let’s get into some of the thoughts of Lance Bass, shall we?

Lance Bass Quotes

“People do stupid things in the heat of the moment. I’ve been in Vegas where I’ve gotten married for, like, five minutes.”

“The beginning of the shows are different. One time we’ll say ‘Hello, Denver’. Another time we’ll say ‘Hello, Memphis’. It’s always different.”

“I’m at peace with my family, my friends, myself, and God, so there’s really nothing else that I worry about.”

 “I am fortunate enough with my career that I can speak out to the masses and hopefully be a part of initiating change.”

“I can’t bear looking in the mirror – I guess that’s why my hair looks like this.”

“Somebody might get criticized for doing some movie that totally sucks, then turn around and be incredible. Every actor goes through that, not just musicians who act.”

“I find that once you start helping others, it makes you feel better about yourself. It helps you figure out what you want to do with your own life.”

“At some point in our lives there’s something about every one of us that makes us feel like an outsider, I believe.”

“I have the worst memory in the world. I can remember some of my dreams, but later that day, I’ll forget them.” 

“It’s really sad, I grew to love Russia. I lived in old communist Russia — I wasn’t in Moscow — I was in the 1960s real Russia. So I really got to know them and appreciate their culture, and even then I knew how much they hated gays. That was one of the first things I realized, was how much they made fun of it. It scared me how much they talked about it, and how offended they were by gays.”

“In my older age, I’ve learned to take things slower, because I used to be that total-fall-in-love-after-a-day guy.”

“I was always the Southern gentleman.”

“It was very barbaric – their medical testing is very barbaric. And I’m sitting there and they’re doing the procedure with lots of doctors in the room. So I have tears coming down my eyes, because it hurt so badly, and they all start laughing. And I asked my translator, ‘Why are they laughing?’ and they said, ‘Well, they know now that you’re not gay.’ And they were all laughing because my colonoscopy hurt so much, and they were all happy because I wasn’t gay.”

“I’ve definitely, you know, been with women. And I’ve had great relationships with them where I was definitely in love. It’s just I grew to a point where deep inside I knew that I could never truly have a relationship with a woman. I don’t know if they ever suspected. It was never brought up.”

“I’m still Christian. I was not raised in a Christian church to hate people. I was taught to love people and accept people. I know what I believe.”

“I was so scared the whole entire time that they would figure out that I was gay. I was always worried that they were going to figure it out at any moment and kill me. Just come in the middle of the night and kill me.”

“I actually didn’t get to go to my prom. I left high school when I was 16 to join ‘NSYNC. I felt that was something I always missed out on, and all my friends got to go and would tell me about it.”

“I love cooking. It’s one of my favorite things to do. To share my parents’ recipes that I grew up with is just something very special to me.”

Lance Bass Quotes On Space Travel

“There’s no specific date, but there are plans for me to go.”

“But yeah, things keep getting delayed and delayed, but eventually in the next five to 10 years I would say that once we’re really flying to space a lot more that I’ll be able to take that mission.”

“All the experiments that I was going to do with Russia got there before I did.”

 “I was doing environmental studies and I was doing some blood work studies up on the ISS. I won’t be able to continue those studies when I do go. But hopefully, when I do go in the future, I’ll have something else fun to do up there.”

“When I was a kid, my first launch my grandfather took me to when I was probably eight years old and I was just addicted since then,” he said. “I went to space camp. I loved everything about it. I wanted to go to school for space engineering, so I could become an astronaut. And then, my life detoured into music for a little bit.”

“Eventually everyone will have the opportunity to travel onto Space.”

Who is the author of the Listed Quotes

Lance happens to be a space travel enthusiast who has ended up as an entertainer. Despite his failed attempt to travel, he still continues his advocacy for space programs and looks to still make space tourism a reality by keeping in touch with the government and relevant private institutions.


It is safe to say that in spite of the fact that Lance Bass went with another career path, his passion for space that was kindled at the tender age of 8 has not died; the flames still flicker continuously. Hopefully, one day his dream will be achieved.

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