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One of the greatest entrepreneurs of our time, Jeff Bezos, started a project called Blue Origin back in 2000. With the sole goal of researching the vastness of space, the company has been in business for the last 21 years, accomplishing a short journey to space in 2021. 

As Bezos claimed in a variety of interviews, he wanted to visit outer space since his high school days. Now that he is the second richest man in the world, there aren’t many limits. Consequently, the former CEO of Amazon has more than several inspiring and thought-provoking quotes about space. Take a look.

Bezos Space Travel Quotes

“We need to take all heavy industry, all polluting industry, and move it into space. And keep Earth as this beautiful gem of a planet that it is.”

“We need unifiers, not vilifiers. When you look out at the planet, there are no borders. There’s nothing. It’s one planet and we share it and it’s fragile.”

 “Who wants a Skittle?”

“There’s a very happy group of people on this capsule,”

“Well, that was intense!”

 “Best day ever.”

Abstract planets and space background

Blue Origin Quotes

“We’re going to build a road to space so that our kids and their kids can build the future. And we need to do that. We need to do that to solve the problems here on Earth. It’s not about escaping,”

“This is the only good planet in the solar system. We’ve sent robotic probes to all of them. This is the only good one, I promise you. So we have to take care of it. And when you go into space and see how fragile it is, you want to take care of it even more. And that’s what this is about.”

“If you want to be a space entrepreneur today, you have to do everything from the beginning. There’s no real infrastructure that’s at an affordable cost. So that’s what we have to do, is build that kind of infrastructure and then future generations will get to rest on top of it,”

“This suborbital tourism mission lets us practice. We need to do that over and over and over and get as good at running space vehicles as we are as a civilization at running commercial airliners.”

When it comes to space, I see it as my job, I’m building infrastructure the hard way. I’m using my resources to put in place heavy lifting infrastructure so the next generation of people can have a dynamic, entrepreneurial explosion into space.

Who Is the Author of These Space Quotes?

None but Jeff Bezos himself. Because he has been highly invested in discovering the vastness of space throughout the last two decades, you shouldn’t be surprised that he came up with more than a few inspiring quotes as well.

Wrap Up

At the end of the day, it is so great that entrepreneurs like Jeff Bezos are investing their energy, time, and money to support space-exploration projects and bring the greatness of outer space closer to us.

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