Best Space Shuttle Toy – Complete Reviews with Comparison

Whether you’re dealing with a boy or a girl, there is a time in their young lives when they will become enamored with space. Investing in a high-quality space shuttle toy is always an excellent option for educational purposes because it can help with hand-eye coordination. Because of this versatility, these toys are pretty plentiful on the market, so it might be challenging for a parent to choose the right one.

Below we will take an in-depth look at several of the best space shuttle toys available today.

Space Shuttle Toy Reviews

Daron NASA Space Shuttle

The first space shuttle toy on the list comes from Daron and is part of their space adventure series. The space shuttle comes with working parts and a fun design that is guaranteed to engage your child’s imagination.


The toy is designed using high-quality materials. The space shuttle itself bears the NASA logo and measures 9.5″ x 7.5″. The space shuttle is fully functioning and has lights, sounds, and rolling wheels. To run these features, the unit is equipped to handle two AAA alkaline batteries, which are included. But the overall design is not the only thing that makes this an excellent option for any young child enamored with space.

Overall like many great toys, the focus and design of this shuttle toy are geared to be kid-friendly. This starts with the high-quality materials and ends in the overall design, making the unit fun and safe, so parents have no worries. Not only is the plastic used in the construction of this kid-friendly, but it’s also lightweight, which makes it very easy for parents to take with them on any playdates. The simple design is easy for young children to be able to explore. And on top of this, the best thing about this is that, unlike many other toys, the batteries are included in the purchase.

All of that being said, there are still a few issues that need to be addressed before any final decisions are made. The first is that although the features and aspects of the toy are very easy to explore, they’re not very realistic. This may cause some children to get a little bored with the toy after some time. Also, it’s not a very shareable toy, which could, in turn, promote some arguments between kids during playdates.


  • The toy is designed to be kid-friendly and safe
  • Crafted in a lightweight and portable design for better transportation
  • Individual parts of the toy are easy for children to explore
  • The product comes with batteries included in the purchase


  • Toy is not crafted with realistic features
  • Only designed for one child to play with at a time

Dazmers Space Shuttle Toy

The next toy comes with the space shuttle as well as a rover, mechanical arm, and two astronaut figures. This is a fun space toy for kids that is educational and shareable.


The space shuttle is crafted with high-quality materials and outfitted with unique features to ensure engagement at all times. The shuttle itself is powered by a push-button that activates the lights and sounds. Along with the shuttle, the set comes with a space rover with compartments that open up to reveal a satellite dish, a solar panel, and a control pane. The overall construction of the set is done with non-toxic ABS plastic, which is also BPA-free. Each of the toys is designed with rounded edges for improved safety.

Many great things can be said about this space shuttle. But maybe the best thing about it is its realistic look. Crafted to look like the actual pieces of space technology, any child will have a good idea of how a space shuttle works and yet still have fun with it. That coupled with the care used when choosing the high-quality materials to craft the toys gives them longevity and durability. On top of the realistic look, the units are outfitted with lights and sounds that only engage the kiddies even more. It is also one of those easily shared toys – a bonus.

Just because it has all these fantastic features doesn’t mean that there aren’t things that could be improved. For instance, the orange astronaut’s backpack is difficult to remove, and without removing it, he will not fit in any of the vehicles. Adults may find the battery compartment challenging to open.


  • Designed to offer a basic understanding of spaceships and astronauts
  • Crafted with high-quality materials for improved durability
  • Designed with light up and sound effect features for more engaging play
  • Comes with multiple vehicles, making it easily shareable during playdates


  • Some parts are hard for small fingers to remove
  • The battery compartment is difficult to open

Astro Venture Space Shuttle Toy

This space shuttle toy is from Astro venture space, and it is a toy that comes with both a shuttle and a rover and several other working parts to help make it more engaging for children. This is why it has found itself on the list of some of the best options for parents to invest in.


The toy itself is crafted with high-quality materials that are child-friendly. Utilizing non-toxic, BPA-free ABS plastic, the designers of this toy have crafted an engaging toy that is not only educational but safe as well. When designing this, they made sure that all the corners are rounded on the pieces so that there is less chance of any injuries. Each set comes with a space shuttle, a space rover, a mechanical arm, and two astronauts.

The last thing most parents want are toys that make those obnoxiously loud sounds. The good thing about this space shuttle toy is that though it does have lights and sounds, none of them are that level of annoying. When it comes to the design, the unit is designed with realistic features so that there will be more interest from kids. Plus, the parts that open and close do so securely, so there is no chance of things popping open and the children losing them this way.

However, there are definitely still some things that could cause parents to reconsider opting for this toy. Though most of the toys in the set are designed to stand up to just about anything, one part is less than durable – the clear canopy on the space shuttle. Also, some of the buttons take a little bit of force to activate, which might be challenging for a young child.


  • Sounds used in the toy are not too loud or obnoxious
  • Compartment doors of spaceship secure very well
  • Designed well, so it has an enhanced durability
  • Inclusion of details like the satellite dish and solar panels is nice


  • Some have found the clear canopy to be a little less durable than the rest of the shuttle
  • There is some issue with the button having to be held pretty hard to turn on lights

Holiky Space Shuttle Toy

This toy has been designed to be played with for many years. Starting from the age of three to the age of seven, kids will be entertained with these toys. The set comes with multiple astronauts, a toy shuttle, and a rover designed to help build imagination and interest in space.


This Astro toy set is crafted with BPA-free ABS plastic material and uses paint that is non-toxic and water-based for all its painted-on decals. This allows parents to feel confident in the safety of the toy. Along with this feature, each toy is designed with rounded edges to take that safety one step further. The toy is crafted with features to both engage the auditory and visual senses of the child, making it one that is not only educational but also helps with cognitive skills.

Often, parents get frustrated when they get a new toy because so many steps have to be done before the child can play with it. But unlike other toys, there is none of that with this one (besides putting in the batteries). The decals of this ship are painted on, which means it is simple to get your kid started playing with this space shuttle toy. The unit comes with multiple toys that give the child a feeling of getting more, and each of those toys is durable.

However, some issues need to be discussed regarding this space shuttle toy. Neither of the two issues affects the child’s fun. The first one is that though the ship looks decent-sized in the images, many feel it is quite a bit smaller than it looks. Also, many people have complained about stripped screws in the battery compartment when they purchased the piece.


  • There are no stickers that need to be applied
  • Two toys are included in the set, which makes a child think they are getting more than they are
  • Set is crafted well, making it very sturdy and will last for years
  • Astronauts fit easily inside of vehicles


  • Some have found it a little smaller than pictured
  • Some issues with stripped screws in the battery compartment

CHUCKOO Space Shuttle Toy

The last space shuttle toy on the list is crafted with multiple pieces so that a child can build out their own space station. It is designed to be used by kids from the age of three to seven and is a great gift idea for just about any kid in that age range.


Like many of the other options on the list, this space shuttle is crafted with premium-grade materials meant to make it durable and safe for children. The toys included in the set are all made using ABS plastic that is BPA-free. This means it is non-toxic and does not have any strong chemical odors. When a parent invests in this set, they get four astronaut figures, a space station, a rocket ship, and a space rover.

Now the number of toys you get may seem like a lot, but all of them pack away into each other, limiting the pieces. This, of course, means that there is less to clean up when kids get tired of them for the day. The pieces of the set are functional and can be used for educational means and help with cognitive development like speech and hand-eye coordination. One of the reasons it can be used for tasks like this is that it is constructed with lightweight materials. This makes it easy for kids to carry and play with. All of that elevates the value, which makes it a great investment.

Though there are a lot of great benefits to this toy set, there are some drawbacks as well. The first is the size. While it looks pretty expansive, it is not quite as big as it appears. This might be a problem for some. Along with this, the lights and sounds, as with all kid’s toys, might grate on a parent’s nerves if used consistently.


  • Crafted with great features that can be used for a wide range of educational activities
  • Limited pieces mean less mess in your home
  • Price versus value is better than most toy competitors
  • Toy is lightweight, which makes it easy for kids to carry around


  • Some have found that the set is not as large as they would like
  • Lights and sounds may be obnoxious for some individuals

Final Thoughts

When a child is fascinated with space, it is something to be encouraged. But it’s always best if a parent invests in an educational, safe, and fun toy. The toys we looked at above are just a few of the best space shuttle toys available to parents today.

Each of them has its unique features and benefits so that no matter what level the child is at or what they’re engaged with when it comes to space, parents will be able to find one that works for that particular child.

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